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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions        Pricing Questions

General Questions

What does a bookkeeper do?

A bookkeeper is responsible for recording the financial transactions of an organization. They may also do accounts payable (paying the bills for the company), accounts receivable (billing the company's vendors) and running payroll. The bookkeeper summarizes the business's finances and generates monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports.

Why should I hire a bookkeeper?

A bookkeeper has the specialized knowledge that you as the owner may not have. It is easier for a bookkeeper to quickly spot for a mistake

Can't I just pay an accountant to do my bookkeeping?

Yes, an accountant understands how to post entries. 

Pricing Questions

How much do you charge?

I provide value pricing and find that charging a monthly fee has worked best for my clients.  Every situation is different but my minimum monthly fee is $200.00.

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